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How To Make Ham Sui Gok 家乡咸水角的做法 (pro.)
Nama:How To Make Ham Sui Gok 家乡咸水角的做法 (pro.)
Date:10 July 2015
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User:Khoan Vong

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Deskripsi atau Lyrics Lagu How To Make Ham Sui Gok 家乡咸水角的做法 (pro.)

Ham sui gok 咸水角 is a deep fry dim sum make using glutinous rice powder as pastry. This pastry is called sui gok pi 咸水角皮 (pastry); it is used for quite a few different types of deep fry dim sum. The sui gok pi is made with lard, sugar and water combined together. The fillings are made with minced pork, dried shrimps, shiitake mushroom and bamboo shoots. Since I did not have any shrimps and shiitake mushrooms at my disposal; I used raw tiger prawns and wood ear instead. But the method of making the filling is the same.

To make the ham sui gok; take a piece of pastry the size of a plum and roll it on your palm to make a ball. Press it with the thumb part of your palm to flatten and make it into a bowl shape. Add some filling in the middle and fold the end together to make a semi egg shape. Use your first and second finger to squeeze the fold to seal it.
Heat some oil in a wok or pan (around half full), to test the temperature; drop a tiny piece of pastry into the oil to see how it bubble. A steady stream of bubble means the oil is at the right temperature. A slow bubble means the oil is not hot enough. Deep frying at too low temperature will render you ham sui gok lump together and will not rose.
A quick bubble means temperature is too high; the ham sui gok will burn before it is cooked.
When deep frying; drop them into the oil in a circle sequence. This stops them from sticking together by giving them a chance to firm up slightly.
At the right temperature; the ham sui gok will gradually rise to the top after about 2 minutes. Only then will you be able to gently stir them. At this stage they will be more or less stick together, but as it begins to firm; it will slowly separate as it cooks. You can now turn the gas on to maintain the temperature.
Maintain a steady bubble by adjusting the heat and keep stirring so they are evenly fried on all sides.
It should be cooked after 8-10 minutes depending on the size. You can deep fry until it is a golden colour. Another hint to whether it is done is by looking at the ham sui gok; it should be quite puffed up when it is cooked.

Note: if the temperature is too high after you have added the ham sui gok; add some cold oil to bring it down
If the temperature is too low after you have added the ham sui gok; heat some oil separately and add them to the wok. DO NOT turn the gas on while the ham sui gok is at the bottom of the wok… it will burn!

Ham sui gok filling 咸水角陷


10-12 raw tiger prawns (0r 200g dried shrimps)
500g minced pork (or beef, not too lean if possible)
100g bamboo shoot
50g wood ear/wood fungus (or 1 small can shiitake mushrooms

1 tablespoon minced garlic (5 cloves if using fresh garlic)
3g salt
3g MSG
3g sugar
1 teaspoon oyster sauce
Few dashes wine
Few dashes pepper powder
Few dashes sesame oil
1 tablespoon garlic oil
Lightly thicken with potato starch

Coarsely chop the bamboo shoot and prawns.
Put all the ingredients into a wok to boil for about 5 minutes to cook.
Rinse with cold water and drain in a colander.
Heat a wok and add some vegetable oil.
Add garlic and ingredients to fry for couple of minutes.
Add rest of condiments and lightly thicken with potato starch to complete.
Note; before using the filling to make the ham sui gok; add 2 stalks of finely chopped spring onion into the filling and mix them together.

Ham sui gok pastry 咸水角皮

1 packet glutinous rice powder
1x 250g block of lard (or cooking fat)
200g sugar
150g cold water
50g hot water

Put all ingredients and 150g cold water in a mixer to mix for 1 minute.
Add 50g hot water and continue to mix until all the ingredients are fully combined.

Notes; my video did not show including 50g hot water. This help to make the pastry bit softer and easier for you guys to work with

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